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Losing weight is very important and challenging for many people today. But really it is not easy. You need daily exercise and diet plan to lose weight. With time and patience you can get a healthy body.

We do not follow any rules in our daily diet. Fast food, snacks and sweets are our favorite foods. For these reasons, at one time we face various physical difficulties with weight gain. 

We can easily get rid of these aspects. Let's find out how to create a daily diet plan for weight loss with your kitchen ingredients.

Daily Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss


You Need To Know The Reason Behind Weight Gain Or Loss

Depending on the calories you consume daily, you will gain or lose weight. If you consume more calories than you burn throughout the day, you will gain weight and if you burn more calories than that, you will lose weight.

You need to know exactly how many calories your body needs daily. But not only that, you have to eat a balanced diet. You have to stay away from fried food and fast food because even if you get calories from these, you may have various health problems later. 

The Best  Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Just one type of food will not get all the calories and nutrients from your body. Foods made up of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals should be eaten. 

Below is a list of daily diet plans.  Along with that it has ideas about calories.  By determining how many calories you need daily, you can increase or decrease the amount.

Early Morning

Lemon with hot water. Which will give you a kick-start in the morning. If you have thyroid or PCOD then you can take turmeric Tea.



2 Pala Rava Chilla( 241 calories)  or 2 medium Flatbread (212 calories)  and if you are a non vegetarian, you can take two egg omelette (188 calories) with capsicum. 

188 to 241 calories in breakfast

Mid Morning

1 fruit + green tea (Caffein free)

Apple- (52 calories / 100gm)
Banana - (89 calories / 100gm)
Anar- (83 calories / 100gm)
Orange - ( 47 calories / 100gm)
Guava - (68 calories / 100gm)

52 to 89 calories in mid morning

Ready To Eat ( If You Don't Have Time For Have Breakfast Due To Being Busy)

50gm oats with milk(250 calories) or 50gm muesli with milk (227 calories) or 60gm wheat flakes in with milk (241 calories)
50 grams of milk in each

You can aslo take a apple (52 calorie / 100gm) or a banana (89 calorie / 100gm) 
A cup of tee or coffee if you like.

279 to 339 calories in ready to eat

Lunch (1-2pm)

1 Bowl salad (20 calories) + 2 phulka (162 calories) or one Bowl rice (130 calories) or one Bowl brown rice (111 calories) + one big cup vegetable ( You have to take a look at it )

If you are a non vegetarian then you can take
50 gm chicken curry ( 55 calories) or 50 gm fish curry ( 46 calories) 

Drink hot water after meals.

Minimum 131 to 237 calories

Evening (4-5pm)

One cup green tea or one cup coffee +
50gm brown bread with 2 tbsp peanut butter ( 334.5 calories) 

Dinner (7-7.30pm)

Salad (20 calories)+ 50gm wheat dalia ( 187 calories ) or 2 medium Flatbread (212 calories) or 100 gm Khichdi ( 116 calories)

Super light dinner
1 cups veg soup (98 calories)
Or  1 egg omelette ( 94 cories)

94 to 241 calories

A normal man needs 2500 and a normal woman needa 2000 calories daily. 

In this chart you are getting 800 to 1151 calories daily diet plan daily. You can make your daily diet plan more or less calories as per your need.

The Important Thing About Diet Chart

When creating a daily diet plan chart, you need to see if you are taking all kinds of vitamins, nutrients, minerals. These should not be forgotten with the Daily Diet Plan for weight loss.

Carbohydrate - Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body.  So it is very important to have carbohydrates in your daily diet plan.  However, white rice, ordinary bread contains sugar. So as much as you can, Olds, Brown Rice will try to move towards all these complex carbohydrates.

Protein - Protein is very important for skin, blood pressure, body muscles.  If you have a high protein diet in your daily diet plan, you will lose weight easily.  And the lack of protein in the body will not come. Try to eat 30 percent protein in the diet plan.

Fats - Fat provides a variety of hormones, proteins, energy.  So we need twenty percent fat national food in our diet plane. With mustard oil, olive oil, etc., you can take fat from your body.

Vitamins and minerals - Vitamins, calcium are essential for our body. They affect everything from the bones to the cells of the body. Every day we should keep our own diet plan of vegetables and 100 grams of fruits.

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Newinfotalk Conclusion

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.  It takes time. Measure your weight once before starting the diet.  Weighing it once more after a week will help you understand the difference.
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