After waking up in the morning, our body is in the laziest state. The easiest way to kick start the brain and all the organs of the body at this time is the morning walk. There are many benefits of morning walk proven by various tests which are very beneficial in our life.

Today we will learn the benefits and tips of Morning Walk. From which our lifestyle will become better and healthier.


Essential contents of the Morning Walk

Some  ingredients make your morning walk a lot more convenient and enjoyable. 

Walking shoe

You can't walk properly wearing any shoes or sandals. There are different types of shoes that are made just for walking. Which protects our feet while walking and makes walking pleasant. Using sports shoes is the best option.

Water bottle

We may get thirsty while walking. So carrying water is very convenient for you. 

T-shirt, track pants or jogger 

We should not wear any kind of clothes while walking in the morning. T-shirt, track pant or jogger is light to wear, which is convenient during walking.


Sports bra 

Sports bra is an important issue for women when walking. Walking in a normal bra is not very convenient.


Usually hats are needed during winter.  The hat is convenient to protect from the fog in the morning.


Women's hair is long, it makes it difficult to walk. You should tie your hair well with a hairband and go for a walk.

A fitness tracker

it is optional, for tracking your steps, heart rate, and physical activity statistics


Benefits of Morning Walks

Getting into good habits

It is a good habit to wake up in the morning. When we wake up in the morning, the day becomes bigger for us.

 We get rid of our daily chores very quickly and become free. Later we can use our free time as we wish.

Boost your energy level

Starting your day with a walk can give you more energy throughout the day.  Walking in an outdoor environment is healthy.

  Studies have shown that people who walk for 20 minutes outside feel more vitality and energy than those who walk for 20 minutes indoors.

In one test, women were given less sleep. There they say a 10-minute walk makes you feel more energetic than a cup of coffee.

If you feel weak for less sleep later.  Remember that walking in the morning will be very helpful to you.

Will help you lose weight

We get fat if we don't burn the calories we eat properly. Walking with the right diet is very important.

A 20-minute walk at a moderate speed burns about 150 calories. Gym or exercise is difficult for old age people. Walking here is a very good way for them.

Walking properly in the morning can help us lose weight. It helps a lot to get a beautiful physique.

Good for Your Heart

Walking fast is very good for the heart. During this time the heart rate increases and the blood circulation is faster.

In the morning, the weather is full of pure oxygen. Pure oxygen mixes with the blood and heals the body. Problems with heart disease are reduced.

Diabetes prevents this

Outbreaks of type 2 diabetes in India have reached epidemic levels.  A recent study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal estimates that by 2030, about 98 million Indians will have type 2 diabetes.

 Diabetes occurs when the amount of glucose in the body increases. According to the National Institute of Diabetes, the Morning Walk helps patients with type 2 diabetes.

Walking can work different muscles of the body.  As a result, the accumulated glucose in the body is burned. Walking in the morning results in the right amount of glucose in the body.  This is very good news for diabetic patients.


Reduce your Strokes risk

The main cause of strokes is called hypertension.  Walking allows you to control your body's blood pressure. This information, as proven by one study, reduces the risk of strokes in our lives.

You have to walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week.  Which reduces body fat. Walking helps your life a lot.

Regulates cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is one of the biggest causes of heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol in our body 1st LDL “bad cholesterol” and 2nd HDL “good cholesterol”

Walking reduces the amount of LDL and increases the amount of HDL in the blood. You can easily reduce the risk of diseases caused by cholesterol in the body.

Strengthens muscles

As a result of walking, different parts of the body are affected and your muscles become stronger.

Going up and down the stairs for a while during the day, climbing up the hill makes your muscles better. This method is used by different players.

Immunity increase

Simple living makes our body unfit.  As a result, the body's immune system is weakened.

It has been observed that the virus cannot do much harm if you have more immunity power. Walking 30 minutes in the morning increases our body's immunity power. 


Make the mood better

Frustration, depression does a lot of damage to our lives. But as a result of walking, we can get rid of these things very easily. Which has a beautiful effect on our lives.

As a result of brisk walking, different types of hormones are distributed in the body. Increases the value of dopamine and serotonin for which our mind stays good and frustration is eliminated.

Helps to sleep better

Sleep is very important to all of us.  However, for some sleep disorders, many people do not get the right amount of sleep.  You will benefit in this way by walking.

Walking causes a lot of energy loss in the body.  This makes your body a little tired. Which helps a lot to fall asleep.

Maintains mental well-being

Walking in the morning makes you happy and provides positive energy for the whole day.  Happy hormones that boost your mood; And studies have shown that fast walking for half an hour to an hour has a significant positive effect on depression sufferers.  Walking can also help protect your memory and improve your cognitive skills. 

The congestion of oxygen and blood in your brain while walking awakens your brain and improves brain function.  Indeed, as far as brain function is concerned, walking has more important benefits for people over the age of 60 that prevent age-related memory loss and degradation.

Gives strong and healthy hair

Walking increases blood circulation in our body.  The hair follicles are cleansed to increase blood circulation under the scalp. 

As a result, hair loss stops and new hair appears.  Walking in the morning with medical approval protects against hair loss.


Gives us shiny skin

The skin sign is directly associated with blood circulation.  You can see the difference in the skin in a few days when you start walking. 

Dirty shots under the skin become clear with blood circulation.  If you have acne, the morning walk is good for you.

Increases social communication

We move far away from society because of our work. When you go for a walk in the morning, you can talk to people of different ages, make a new friend and you will be able to know what is happening in society.

Try walking on new routes from time to time. You may have created a Morning Walk group and have a lot of fun with them.

Takes less time

It takes very little time to keep the body healthy by walking. Walking 30 minutes every day will make your body much healthier and stronger.

Morning walk is not just a way to wake up and walk, it can also be your way to work. You can turn the position of going to school or college into your own morning walk. The goal is to walk in the morning and reap the benefits.


Tips of the Morning Walk

A few things to keep in mind while walking will make your work better. These tips are explained to you in detail below.

  1. Walking on an empty stomach. If ypu have a heavy meal, have it at least 1-2 hours befote you go for the walk.

  1. At the beginning, don't go too fast.  Walk 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning, keep the speed low.  If you have weeks or months, increase the time limit and speed lightly. Do as much as the body can take very easily.

  1. Be sure to keep your water bottle with you.  Stay hydrated and drink small amounts of water whenever you feel thirsty.  This will help you to enjoy your walking experience a lot more.

  1. Don’t start walking hard from the start.  First, walk slowly for 1 to 2 minutes. Once the blood circulation in the body starts well and the body warms up, gradually increase your speed.

  1. Never sit down suddenly when the walk is over. Do a little body stretch. Do not force yourself to remember. You can't walk the next day if you force yourself to do something and injure your muscles.

  1. Loose and light cotton clothing for summer and heavy stuff for winter.  Use your hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays

  1. Try not to go alone and walk with the group.  As you get more fun out of it, there is some protection. You can join Morning Walk Clubs and make walking groups or friends.

  1. Try walking early in the morning.  The weather is cool during this time.  The amount of oxygen in the air is much higher.

  1. It is better if the walking path is balanced and smooth. It's comfortable for walking. Just avoid broken foot parts or roads.


Walking before meal

Walking on an empty stomach is good for weight loss. When we walk, our body starts burning calories and fats. Doctors recommend walking for a while on an empty stomach for patients with high cholesterol and diabetes.

One study found that those who walked before meals burned more fat than those who walked after meals.

You will feel better if you take a banana or some light fruit before walking. 

In addition, another study showed that walking fast on an empty stomach reduces body fat very quickly.

Walking after meal

The biggest benefit of walking after a meal is lowering blood sugar levels. Various studies have proven this.

Walking after meals is beneficial for weight or fat.  Our ancestors used it very well. Walking after eating actually helps indigestion. Practice stimulates peristalsis, which is our digestion

We should eat according to a little diet plan before or after walking. 


Carbohydrates should be taken as food as much as possible.  Carbohydrates are converted to glucose the fastest and are oxidized by the action collar.  So we are usually asked to add the most amount of carbohydrates in our daily diet.


Protein converts glucose into energy at a moderate rate.  Protein is important in every human body but it has a certain amount.  The speed of the oxidation process protein is moderate so it is forbidden to take extra protein.  However, if you need to gain weight, you can take more protein.


The body provides energy at the slowest rate from fat.  Doctors advise them to stay away from fatty foods as much as possible in any case.  Eating too much fat can lead to various problems like cholesterol, diabetes, fat accumulation, etc. in the body.

You can take some idea about daily diet plan.


Conclusion about a morning walk

Morning walk is considered to be an important habit for people of all ages from young to old. Younger people can keep themselves fit through sports but older people are not able to do it. Walking benefits the body by burning extra fat and calories. So doctors always recommend walking. The benefits of Morning Work make our lives happier. 
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