Instagram on social media is used by more than 500 million people every day. Every year, Instagram brings some innovations to increase the interest of it's users, and the user giving some time to create a new trend. One of the current trends in the Instagram story games.


Here I will tell you how to play the Instagram story game? How to Make Your Story more attractive? What is the benefit? and also some most popular store games. If you understand everything, you can create a unique story by yourself.

How to play Instagram story games?

  1. Get the Instagram app.
  2. Log in or sign up on Instagram.
  3. Share your story with gif, sticker.
  4. Set privacy for ; who can see your story?

This is the main method of playing the Instagram story game. Now, we want to know how to make your story attractive. 


Get the Instagram app

If you have an Android mobile, you can download the Instagram app from the Play Store.
I-Phone users can download from the App Store.

Log in or Sing up on Instagram

You can login if you already have an Instagram account. If you do not have an account, you can open a new account with your email ID, phone number, or Facebook ID. It's very easy.

Share your story with GIF, stickers

When you're on the homepage, right swipe and you will land on the Instagram story feed or you will have a plus icon in the profile picture at the top left. Clicking it will take you to the Story Feed.

Set privacy for ; who can see your story?

This is a privacy option. You can show your story to everyone or to a certain person if you want. 
If you use the close friend option, only people who have been selected by close friends will be able to see your story. And if made public, everyone will be able to see.


How to make your story more attractive and appealing?

There are many ways to make Instagram Story appealing. I'll tell you about the most notable tips.

Check the filters

Take a look at the filters below before uploading a picture or video. It can make your picture or video look beautiful.

Clip board & copy

 This way you can upload two or three pictures at once. Although it is a little difficult, it makes your story look very beautiful.

Step 1- Set a picture in a corner of a beautiful background. Now download the image with the save option above.

Step 2- Choose the downloaded image as the new story background. Save another image by placing it in another corner.

Step 3- Similarly, add another picture and upload it when the story of your choice is ready.

Glowing emoji

 Everyone uses emojis in stories.  Clicking on the color option while setting the emoji makes your emoji glow.

Question sticker

 When uploading a story, using the question sticker makes your story a lot more interactive.

Quiz sticker

Quiz Sticker lets you turn a simple story into a quiz round.

Bold letters

Sometimes the story is much nicer to see if you use bold letters rather than normal letters. You can decorate a lot using single letters.


Using it you can point at different things in your story. Go to the draw option on Instagram and click on the arrow.  Then if you draw a simple line it will turn into an arrow.

Glow line

With this option you can give any story a different look. This is number four from the left side of the draw menu.

Boomerang icon

Boomerang is only for a video story. This causes a video to be repeated before and after. Which makes it a lot more fun to watch.


By using polls you can ask your followers to vote for a picture of you. You will get it in the sticker option.

If you follow all these methods, your Instagram stories will definitely become a lot more attractive and also interactive.

Benefits of Instagram story game

If you put up an Instagram story, you get various benefits, as follows :

  1. Direct interaction with followers.
  2. Getting to know the likes and dislikes of followers by the Poll sticker.
  3. Locations or hashtags let you know directly where you are or about your work.
  4. Find out the answers to your  questions directly from your followers using the Question sticker.
  5. Use the countdown sticker to let others know how much time is left for your next event.

This is how big celebrities or brands use the Instagram Story game. You do not need to give any captions.  All the work is done in just one picture. Which saves a lot of your time.

Popular Instagram story games list.

  1. Guess Quiz- which one is my favorite drink? Use the quiz sticker and give some drink idea. You can also use there many time of questions like- my favorite food, celebrity ,car, mobile. 

  1. Poll The ❤️- You can upload a story with a heart pool sticker. Your followers will be able to vote on their own, depending on how much they like the photo.

  1. Emoji Game- It may vary from person to person.  Sometimes a question or questions maybe put up which has to be answered with the Emojis given as options.

  1. Challenge & Hashtag- many hashtags are used to upload some interactive challenges. Here a person does an activity, i.e. the challenge, and uses the hashtag to interact with other people doing the same challenge. For example, the #bottlefipchallenge .

My review on Instagram story games-

It's a lot of fun to turn a story into an Instagram story right now. This allows you to interact eith your Followers and helps you know them well. Also, the Instagram story games make your stories a lot more interesting and entertaining.a
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